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Out and About on Graciosa

La Graciosa has no proper roads, only dirt tracks. So transportation is by 4×4 taxis only. Which can be found right by the harbour. These will take you on an island tour, which lasts around one hour, costs €40 (per jeep, not per person) and takes in all of the main sites. Note that the ride can be quite bumpy. Alternatively the 4×4 drivers will transport you to the beach of your choice and pick you up at a pre-arranged time for €20.

Water Taxis
Visit any of the islands beaches or beauty spots by boat by water taxi for just €8 per person. Available daily in the harbour area at Caleta del Sebo.

Mountain Bikes
Can be hired for €10 per day from various shops, all of which are easily found in the harbour area at Caleta del Sebo. It´s well worth noting that much of the terrain on the island is made up of soft sand so even mountain bikes can find it heavy going.

Many day trippers just turn up and head off to either the right or left of the port where there are beaches and coves to explore. Walker turning right from the port will reach the beautiful Barranco de Conejo beach after 3KM. Continue for another half an hour along the cliff path and walker will arrive at the small village of Pedro Barba with its nicely protected beach.

There's very little shade on the island thanks to the fact that there are no palms or trees outside Caleta Del Sebo. So anyone planning a longer trek should note that this can be arduous but definitely rewarding. As the island can be very hot, especially in the summer months, and there are no shops or bars outside of the capital, walkers and cyclists should take plenty of water.